“Work Is No Longer A Place!”

“Work is no longer a place!”

When I first saw this line, I thought what you’re probably thinking right now. “And what exactly is that supposed to mean?”

But think about it: Gone are the days of the guaranteed job for life and a decent, reliable pension…things have changed. More and more folks are facing the prospect of staying in jobs they dislike, and often long past the age of retirement.

On the flip side of that, individuals have more latitude, really. Technology has changed the way “work” works…and that means, if you know how to capitalize on it, you can earn from anywhere you want to be.

For an ever-increasing number of people, this new world has brought freedom, flexibility and earning potential that a decade ago would have been a mad pipedream.

Thousands of people…nay, hundreds of thousands…have found ways to fund their lives doing things they are passionate about. With nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection and or a mobile phone, there are an astonishing number of jobs you can take on, all the time earning in U.S. dollars while you spend in the local currencies of places you’ve always wanted to see…to try out life.

iPhone 5

Work isn’t a place you have to go and spend your days. It can be a sandy beach, a terrace overlooking a lush jungle, or a Parisian café.

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